Australian Max Wolff appointed Lincoln director of design

A 38-year-old Victorian has signed on as Director of Design at Lincoln in the US.
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Max Wolff – a Monash University graduate and former Holden designer – will help Lincoln expand its brand line-up, which is set to include seven all-new or significantly updated models over the next four years, including its first-ever C-segment vehicle.

Mr Wolff has worked with General Motors around the world, including in Australia, at GM Daewoo in Korea, and most recently at Cadillac in the US where he was exterior design director.

In 2002, Mr Wolff was senior exterior designer of the Holden SSX concept – which at the time was the company’s largest ever concept car project. Based on a VY Commodore SS, the concept featured a toned-down preview of the flared wheel arches that are a staple of today’s Commodore design, as well as a hatchback layout.

He will be working alongside Moray Callum, Ford Motor Co.’s executive director of design for The Americas, and J Mays, Ford Motor Co.’s vice president of design and chief creative officer.

“Working with a young, motivated and internationally experienced team with the opportunity of taking a brand to the next level is very exciting,” Mr Wolff said.

Lincoln has revealed broad plans for the future, with an emphasis on refining the brand’s hallmarks, moving forward with modern designs, incorporating fuel-efficient powertrains and new technology, and creating a unique driver experience in the cabin and on the road.

Famous for its ‘toothy grin’, Lincoln says its future vehicles will build on recent designs like the MKS and MKZ sedans and the MKX and MKT crossovers.