Volkswagen Australia is about to issue a recall for approximately 20,000 examples of the Amarok ute made from 2015 to 2018 due a potential fault with the spare tyre winch. 
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About 20,000 examples of the Volkswagen Amarok made from 2015 to 2018 are about to be recalled in Australia because the spare tyre may not be properly secured due to a fault with the winch that holds it place.

Volkswagen Australia is in the process of notifying federal safety authorities before contacting owners of affected vehicles in the coming weeks, inviting them to bring their vehicles in for repair.

A statement issued by Volkswagen Australia said the fault centres on the cable that secures the spare wheel.

“In extremely dusty conditions the winch (which holds the spare tyre in position under the rear of the ute tray) might bind up before being fully retracted,” said VW Australia.

“This can weaken the winch cable, which could eventually break, leaving the spare secured by the secondary strap.”

Volkswagen Australia says it is aware of a small number of instances locally where the spare wheel winch has become fouled with dirt “which has led to the spare (wheel) not being correctly placed back into its intended position”.

The statement continued: “Out of an abundance of caution, Volkswagen Australia is recalling some 20,000 Amaroks to retrofit an anti-theft device that further secures the spare wheel.”

The company says the process will take about 30 minutes and comes at no cost to owners – and the vehicles are safe to drive in the meantime.

The anti-theft device to be retro-fitted to 2015 to 2018 VW Amarok utes is a lock nut for the spare wheel, used in markets where such thefts are a concern.

“Subsequent models have an improved winch that prevents ingress of dirt and fouling,” says Volkswagen. “It’s conceivable this fault could occur when the spare (tyre) hasn’t been used, but in the few instances of which we’re aware, the spare (tyre) has been deployed.”