Aston Martin launches Rapide Luxe

Aston Martin has released a more exclusive version of its already gorgeous four-door sports car, the Rapide.
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Called the Rapide Luxe, it features more colour choices as well as interior and exterior detail enhancements.

A six piece luggage set, made from the same leather as your car, or another contrasting leather from the Aston Martin range, comes as standard.

Usually, one glass and stainless steel Emotional Control Unit (ECU), otherwise known as the key, comes with the car. The Rapide Luxe gains an additional glass ECU, rather than the black plastic second key you normally get.

New 20-inch wheels exclusive to the Luxe, have been hand-polished for 90 minutes each. Additional paint colours round out the exterior.

Inside, the Rapide Luxe receieves glass control switches rather than plastic, heated and cooled front and rear seats, two 6.5-inch screens in the back of the headrests, as well as a six-disc DVD changer to ensure rear passengers can be entertained for a trans-continental journey.

The six-litre V12, producing 350kW and 600Nm remains unchanged, as does the six-speed automatic, operated by paddles behind the wheel.

As you'd expect, the Rapide Luxe incurs a premium over the standard $366,194 Rapide, being priced at $399,366.