The Blue Oval has dismissed reports its iconic Mustang will be fully electric by the end of the decade.
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Ford has responded to rumours suggesting the next-generation of the Mustang will move to an all-electric platform by 2029, telling US media the reports are "blatant speculation".

According to Carscoops, sources inside Ford dismissed the rumours, claiming no decision had been made on the subject.

However, while the language appears to cast off the idea, it falls short of denying it entirely, indicating a fully-electric Ford Mustang was still a possibility.

Last week, news outlet Autoline quoted AutoForecast Solutions – a company which uses market data to predict trends in the automotive industry – as saying the next Mustang would not go into production until late 2028, at which point it will drop the petrol V8 for an emissions-free powerplant.

The delay would mean the current Ford Mustang platform would need to stay in production until 2028 – at which point the architecture will be 14 years old, far older than most passenger cars.

It's thought the delay would align the new model with sweeping changes across the industry, as a number of governments move to introduce new-car sales bans on petrol- and diesel-powered cars.

The report comes after news of an all-electric Corvette SUV is being developed by General Motors, following the same blueprint as the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV.