2021 BMW new cars

2021 will be a big year for BMW.
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There is plenty in store for BMW fans throughout 2021, as the brand continues its special-edition rollout of existing metal, and drops the first of its new-generation electric vehicle range in the form of the polarising iX and X3-based iX3.

We'll see the powerhouse M3 and M4 models arrive locally soon after the new year, but joined by the mid-range, front-wheel-drive 128ti hot hatch variant in the 1 Series lineup.

Alpina will be bringing the mild-hybrid XD3 (X3-based) and monstrous XB7 (X7-based) early in the year.

ModelWhat's new?SegmentDue
128ti hot hatchNew variantSmall carQ1 2021
4 Series ConvertibleNew generationMedium carQ1 2021
Alpina XD3UpdateMedium SUVQ1 2021
Alpina XB7New variantUpper-large SUVQ1 2021
iXNew modelMedium SUVQ4 2021
iX3New modelMedium SUVQ3 2021
M3 sedanNew generationMedium carQ1 2021
M4 coupeNew generationMedium carQ1 2021
M4 Competition 'x Kith'New variant (limited)Medium carQ4 2021
X2 'M Mesh Edition'New variantSmall SUVQ1 2021
X5 M Competition 'First Edition'New variant (limited)Large SUVQ1 2021
X6 M Competition 'First Edition'New variant (limited)Large SUVQ1 2021
X7 'Dark Shadow Edition'New variantUpper-large SUVQ1 2021