An onslaught of new electric vehicles are expected from Toyota, Lexus, and Subaru, all based on the same architecture.
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UPDATE, December 18, 2020: It appears the all-electric SUV from Toyota has a name: the BZ.

Unearthed patent filings have revealed ten names have been registered by Toyota: BZ, BZ1X, BZ2, BZ2X, BZ3, BZ3X, BZ4, BZ4X, BZ5, and BZ5X.

While it's unclear exactly which of the names will be given to the electric SUV rendered by Russian car website Kolesa, it's likely it will have the BZ prefix.

This writer can confirm no association with the new model names.

Only a few days ago, Subaru's twin under the skin – the fully-electric Evoltis SUV – was announced for Europe.

December 8, 2020: Toyota has teased the profile of its upcoming fully-electric SUV, together with its Lexus cousin.

Based on the company's modular e-TNGA platform (short for electric 'Toyota New Global Architecture'), the SUV will be the first of a series of electric vehicles (EVs) expected to be unveiled over the coming months and years.

Developed in collaboration with Subaru, the RAV4-sized SUV will also spawn a Lexus variant, as well as a small SUV, large SUV, a people mover, and a large sedan – all to wear a Toyota badge.

The teased profile (top) is almost certainly the mid-size SUV previewed by Toyota previously (below).

"Toyota will shortly take the next step in the rollout of its forthcoming battery-electric portfolio by first previewing an all-new mid-sized SUV in the coming months," a spokesperson for Toyota said.

"The versatility and flexibility of e-TNGA technology allows us to design and create vehicles that are not just battery-electric, but also exciting to drive and beautiful to look at."

While the name of the Toyota remains unknown, its Subaru twin is expected to be launched as the Evoltis.

Toyota's small SUV based on e-TNGA underpinnings will also share a Subaru cousin, thought to be inspired by the Viziv concept shown in 2019.

Meanwhile, Lexus has also teased a shadowy image of its own electric SUV (above) during the unveiling of new technology it's calling 'Direct4', which the brand says will precisely control the torque split between the front and rear axles on hybrid and electric models.

"Put simply, it's a system that controls drive force created by the electric motors and channels it to the front and rear wheels," a Lexus representative said at the announcement.

A new concept car – expected to be a preview of a future e-TNGA-based Lexus production model – has been promised in the first quarter of 2021, and will likely pull much of its influence from the Lexus LF-30 concept shown in late 2019.