BMW headquarters in France held at gunpoint

A man in France has been so angry by the mechanical hardship his BMW has given him that he actually stormed into BMW headquarters with a gun and took a receptionist hostage demanding... more service. The man apparently has a number of other BMW-related charges held against him.
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The incident happened yesterday at BMW's French headquarters near Paris, where the man, armed with a pump-action shotgun, fired shots into the air and took a receptionist hostage.

Around 80 BMW workers managed to flee to a nearby canteen, after one of them notified local authorities through a text message. The furious man then surrendered himself upon police arrival.

A bit of a poor effort really, although, of course, CarAdvice does not condone this sort of behaviour, the man could have at least demanded for a service without surprise fees or something.

State prosecutor, Luc-Andre Lenormand, said in a recent AFP report, the man "will be charged with arson, armed threats and illegal detention."

According to reports the man had previously threatened to set himself on fire at a BMW dealer after starting a small fire inside BMW property. No major damage was caused and no people were injured in either of the incidents.