Toyota Yaris GT-S Club Racer at SEMA

This is more like it. Unlike the rather lackluster Toyota Prius Custom Concept, this cool little Toyota Yaris GT-S Club Racer has had an extensive diet and gained 36 percent more power!
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Its lost almost 180kg compared to the normal Yaris (3-door - 1.5-litre = 1020kg). That has come as a result of a light-weight carbon fibre bonnet and hatch plus the removal of the air-conditioning and audio systems.

The additional 36 percent more power (which brings it to about 109kW) is achieved by strapping bolt-on performance parts to Toyota's 1.5-litre four-cylinder VVT-i engine. Everything from the air intake, header, camshafts and cylinder heads have been modified.

The rather unusual exterior paint job pays homage to Dan Gurney's IMSA GTP Toyota Eagle Racers of the 1990s.

Given that this Yaris is actually built to race, it rides on 13x7 racing wheels wrapped in slicks. To get the most out of that grip, the car comes with just a race seat and pedals plus a proper six-point harness and quick-release steering wheel.

The Toyota Yaris GT-S Club Racer is a Toyota we'd actually look forward to racing!