Mazdaspeed Mazda2 (MPS)

Despite rumours that Mazda Australia is starting to lose a little bit of interest in its MPS range, hotted up Mazdas seem to be endless. This is the Mazdaspeed Mazda Demio, or as we know it, the Mazda2.
Mazdaspeed Mazda2 (MPS)
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So far very little is known except that it looks sensational. With a complete body kit including bumpers, spoilers, skirts, etc., the Mazda2 MPS also receives custom wheels, brakes, and lowered suspension.

Mazda has been very secretive above the engine, but it is more than likely that something has been changed, whether it's a small turbo or a better tune, it would be unlike Mazdaspeed to release a car without engine modifications.

Mazdaspeed Mazda2 (MPS)

The interior is helped along with two-tone racing seats and trim upgrades to give it a sporty look. From the pictures we can see the car is an automatic, which is usually not a good sign, but that's not to say if/when it goes into production, it won't be available in manual.