Disgruntled Russian YouTuber torches his Mercedes-AMG high-performance sedan. He claims his car was faulty, others say it's a publicity stunt.
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A disgruntled Russian YouTube star has used the video streaming platform to stage a dramatic protest against Mercedes-Benz.

Mikhail Litvin doused his luxury Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S four-door in petrol before setting it alight and watching it go up in flames, totally destroying the car which, in Australia, starts from $358,735 plus on-road costs.

Litvin’s staged the protest after his car has reportedly suffered from a litany of problems which he claims his local Mercedes dealer refused to fix.

His response was to take his near $400,000 on-the-road Mercedes-AMG into the middle of a paddock, douse both the interior and exterior in petrol, before setting it alight while casually snacking on a barbecued sausage.

Litvin is then seen driving away from the blazing wreck in a Soviet-era ZAZ 968.

The resulting car-destroying video has attracted almost 10 million views since being uploaded on 24 October.

The cheesy nature of the video suggests though, the car-destroying stunt was exactly that, a publicity stunt designed to garner Litvin even more followers to his YouTube channel which already has almost five million subscribers.

Watch the video below.