An all-electric Audi A2 set a new single-charge distance record in Germany yesterday, driving from Munich to Berlin on one charge, achieving a distance of 600km.
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The electric vehicle was developed by Lekker Energie and DBM Energy using the Audi A2 as a basis and light weight batteries. According to reports the car is powered by ultra light weight lithium metal-polymer batteries, which are said to be more powerful, more efficient and lighter than conventional EV batteries.

A representative of the car said the Audi still featured all the usual creature comforts such as power steering, air-conditioning and even heated seats as well, so it was not like the car was especially made for long distance record attempts.

Reports from Xinhua say the driver, Mirko Hannemann, was told to maintain a speed of around 130km/h during the trip for best efficiency. The driver was also quoted as joking to the journalists upon arrival to Berlin, saying, "any journalist who wants to charge their iPhones can use our left electricity."

German Economic Minister Rainer Bruederle, who was at the finishing point, was pleased about the technological leap, calling it a "world record."

Source: Xinhua