Honda is recalling 528,000 cars globally due to the same potential brake cylinder leaking problem Toyota faced just last week. A majority of the cars included in the recall are Honda Odyssey people movers sold to US consumers.
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The selected Honda vehicles use brake cylinder products sourced from the same ADVICS Co. component manufacturer Toyota deals with. The company is based in Japan and has a factory in the US as well.

Honda says a potential leak could occur around the brake cylinder that could cause a brake fluid leak and a loss of brakes. No reports of any incidents have been recorded and, as with the Toyota system, a brake warning light will illuminate on affected cars prior to any major leaks.

As mentioned, most of the cars affected by the recall are based in the US with only around 93,000 affected throughout the rest of the world. The recall affects Honda Odyssey people movers made from 2005 to 2007, and Acura RL sedans (Honda Legend) - also sold in a number international markets - built from 2005 to 2007.

Honda Australia is yet to issue any official recalls for our locally-sold cars. There's a chance the issue doesn't affect local cars though, but we'll keep you posted of course. Look out for updates to this article over the next few days.