According Mercedes-Benz Australia, sand settling on the contacts of the steering column switch could ultimately lead to headlight failure.
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The 2011-2019 Mercedes-Benz G300 has been recalled in Australia, due to a potential fault with electronics in the steering column switch.

A total of 2909 examples of the four-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz are affected locally, and these vehicles were sold between 3 January 2011 and 30 January 2019 (MY2011-2019).

The recall notice, lodged with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), says “the contacts of the steering column switch may be impaired by sand settling on the contacts, leading to increased electrical resistance”.

“The heat caused by the increased resistance could lead to deformation of the plastic plug housing of the headlight contacts.”

“This may lead to their separation, resulting in the headlights failing.”

A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Australia told CarAdvice there have been no locally reported instances of the failure, and the recall is purely precautionary.

A full list of vehicle identification numbers for the 2909 vehicles involved in the recall can be found here.

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