One fifth of drivers of a particular model have received a speeding violation.
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An analysis of more than 2 million driver records in the United States has identified the types of cars most likely to receive a speeding ticket, with certain car owners up to 49 per cent more likely to speed than others.

US insurance agency Insurify analysed its database of 2.5 million applications to see which car owners reported the highest rate of speeding offences and comparing that number to the total number of drivers for each model.

As a result, the insurance agency found Subaru WRX owners were the drivers most likely to exceed the speed limit, with a whopping 20.49 per cent – or one fifth – of WRX owners self-reporting a speeding violation throughout their driving careers.

The WRX claimed the top spot on the list for the second year running, with WRX drivers 49 per cent more likely to speed compared to the US national average.

The WRX was followed by the Volkswagen Golf GTI as the car model second most-likely to receive a speeding fine, with 17 per cent of Golf GTI owners reporting a speed offence.

In third place was the Subaru Impreza, which has a speeding violation rate 34 percent higher than the national average.

American brand Dodge dominated the list with four of its models in the top 10 – the Dart, the Challenger, the Ram 2500 and the Charger.

Hyundai, Infiniti and Nissan also qualified for a spot on the top 10 list, which you can read in full below.

Across all car models, 10.54 per cent of Insurify applicants had a speeding violation on their record, with affordable cars surprisingly more likely to be caught speeding.

"Despite the reputation of flashy sports cars like Ferraris and Mustangs flying down the street, the models that had the highest speeding violation rates were primarily sold at a starting retail price below the national average," Insurify said.

Car models with the most speeding tickets

1. Subaru WRX20.49
2. Volkswagen Golf GTI17.38
3. Subaru Impreza15.90
4. Infiniti G3715.61
5. Dodge Dart15.45
6. Hyundai Veloster15.42
7. Dodge Challenger15.09
8. Dodge RAM 250014.79
9. Dodge Charger14.71
10. Nissan 350Z14.65
US NATIONAL AVERAGE (across all models)10.54

* Percentage figure is the proportion of total drivers reporting a speeding offence. Data: Insurify 2020.