Ford's new Bronco is ‘the sincerest form of flattery’, according to leaked document
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A four-page brochure has surfaced online, touting the advantages Jeep’s Wrangler enjoys over the incoming Ford Bronco – heating up competition before the Bronco has been released.

Originally posted on the Bronco6G forum, a community member says they ‘found’ the documents, without offering any further details.

The documents appear to come from Jeep’s head office, with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) footnotes and Jeep branding throughout.

The brochure runs through many facts and details of the current Jeep Wrangler and incoming Ford Bronco, highlighting many advantages that Jeep’s Wrangler has over the Bronco.

It appears to be a document written to help Jeep dealers on the sales floor, now that the Wrangler is set to face some fresh and exciting competition next year.

The Ford Bronco is returning to Ford’s line-up in 2021, after a decades-long hiatus. Like the original iteration, the new Bronco faces up squarely against the Jeep Wrangler, with features like removable panels, optional off-road hardware, squared-off designs, big tyres and plenty of ground clearance.

The documents outline what Jeep sees to be key advantages that the Wrangler will have over the incoming Bronco: torquier engine options, a fold-down windscreen, lower beltline for ‘better visibility’ and better off-road gearing all getting a mention.

The brochure also stresses the point that Jeep’s Wrangler has retained a live front axle, while the Bronco uses independent front suspension (IFS).

The brochure points out that live axles are simpler and relatively inexpensive to modify, and even goes so far to quote Ken Brubaker from Four Wheeler magazine, who says:

“In most situations the solid axle is the hot ticket for 4x4s, whether they’re used for work or play. The simplicity, the ruggedness, and swapability of the solid axle are second to none.”

While solid front axles might still be the preferred setup for serious, modified and dedicated off-road vehicles, independent front suspension can go a long way to improve the on-road driving experience in a 4X4.

Although the Bronco has been developed on a platform shared with the Australian-developed Ford 'T6' Ranger platform, there is no sign this new model will come to Australia.

Jeep's Wrangler, on the other hand, has been on sale in Australia since late 2018. We're even getting some special edition Rubicon Recon variants.