The build quality of Tesla cars has again come under scrutiny after the rear bumper of a Model 3 was torn off during a Florida storm.
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The rear bumper of a Tesla Model 3 was torn off during a storm in Florida earlier this month, once again bringing the build quality of the US-made electric vehicles under scrutiny.

Logan Derouanna, who owns the damaged vehicle, told he was decelerating while attempting to change lanes – in heavy rain – when he heard a “huge noise,” and eventually discovered the rear bumper had torn loose, possibly from a build-up of water.

Footage recorded by the car's onboard camera system, and uploaded to YouTube by Mr Derouanna, would appear to support this sequence of events (see below).

Derouanna went on to criticise Tesla’s customer service, saying he waited for “over an hour” for the company’s roadside assistance team who never showed up.

When he asked Tesla to pay for the damages, he was reportedly transferred to multiple people before being told he was liable for the cost as it was a "an act of God."

Since introducing the Lotus-based Roadster in 2008, Tesla has become an industry leader in battery technologies and electric car manufacturing, however a perception of below average build quality has persistently plagued the brand’s image.

In 2018 reported two other Tesla Model 3 sedans had experienced almost identical failures while driving in heavy rain (see image below).

Multiple other unverified instances of the malfunction have been posted to social media site Twitter.