Mazda has been busy on Twitter, teasing a video that suggests a turbocharged Mazda3 will be revealed in July.
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A short video has been released by Mazda teasing the reveal date of what could be a turbocharged Mazda3.

The unlisted video was shared in a handful of tweets by the car manufacturer, replying to rumours of the new turbo model and adding: "Power comes to those who wait".

Sounds of an engine being revved can be heard on the video, while graphics indicate the reveal date will be 8 July 2020.

In another tweet, Mazda wrote: "Keep calm and stay tuned. Plenty of time to rush where we're going."

As reported by CarAdvice in early June 2020, the turbocharged Mazda3 could possibly be automatic and all-wheel-drive, but it's as yet unclear whether the MPS badge that was used on previous performance variants of the Mazda3 will be resurrected.

In 2018, Mazda's global boss flatly denied to CarAdvice the MPS models would make a return.

The Mazda3 could borrow the turbocharged petrol 2.5-litre four-cylinder and all-wheel-drive transmission used in the Mazda CX-5, putting out 170kW/420Nm. Rumours are this powertrain could also see a hybrid system added in the future.

Earlier this month, internal dealership systems revealed a number of details about the car, indicating an automatic transmission and hatchback body, along with the code 'PP'. Rumours suggest that could stand for either 'Performance Pack' or 'Premium Pack'.

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