Flagship Lexus LC F may have hit pause, but the twin-turbo V8 will likely be adopted across Lexus and Toyota models.
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Development of the Lexus LC F sportscar has reportedly been suspended, according to Japanese website Car Sensor.

The flagship Lexus coupe was expected to launch in late 2020 with a twin-turbo V8, with some rumours suggesting the car would be all-wheel-drive.

On June 22, Toyota announced it would be gradually slowing its Japanese assembly lines, blaming COVID-19 for shrinking sales and dwindling factory output.

Given the Lexus LC F would be a premium, niche product, it's believed slowing demand in that market segment was a key factor in the project being paused.

At this stage it has not been confirmed whether the Lexus LC F program has been cancelled or temporarily suspended.

Considering how close the LC F was to production – as well as the time and money already invested in the performance flagship model – it would be a bold decision to have scrapped the car altogether.

New twin-turbo V8 powers on

It's understood development of the new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that was to have powered the LC F will continue as planned.

The new engine will be offered in a number of guises in the following years – including within the Toyota range globally.

Reportedly the twin-turbo V8 will make its way into the 2021 Toyota Tundra, which could end up being offered to Australian buyers.

The following Lexus LX SUV could also see the new V8 installed, providing greater differentiation from the Toyota 300 Series LandCruiser on which it will be based.

A facelift update of the Lexus LC500 coupe and convertible, due in 2021, will also have a low-power version of the V8 engine seen in the LC F prototype.