Apple Maps has released routing based on electric car charging locations, while Google Maps is secretly developing a feature than blends motoring and public transport.
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The latest version of Apple's iOS operating system will offer electric vehicle owners the ability to plan their route based on charger locations.

Apple says the new feature aims to eliminate range anxiety, ensuring the car can make it to the next electric vehicle charging station, and take into account road elevation, weather, and other elements that sap power.

Apple Maps on iOS 14 – when connected via Apple CarPlay – will also monitor the vehicle's current range, keeping an eye on the car's battery usage throughout the journey.

At this stage the feature is only available with Ford and BMW electric vehicles, though there has been no specific word on whether the feature will be available to Australian drivers or on other vehicle brands.

Meanwhile, an overseas report claims developers of Google Maps are secretly working on a feature called 'Connections to Public Transit', which allows drivers to create a journey utilising both driving and public transport options.

Revealed by Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, the proposed feature allows users to mix-and-match routes using a combination of driving, public transport, and ride-share options.