Ford unearths long-lost GT40 designs in archives, produced only a week before a clay model was created.
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Archivists searching through Ford's records have found very early designs of what later became the Ford GT40.

The Ford Performance Twitter account tweeted about the discovery, exactly 57 years after the sketches were created.

Ford's archivists were looking through the company's styling negatives collection when they unearthed the designs. They are thought to be some of the earliest sketches of the Ford GT40 sports car.

A clay model was also produced only a week after the sketches, showing how the design of the car evolved into the GT40 we know today.

The Ford GT40 became arguably the most famous American racing car to compete on the world stage, and was one of the stars of the recent Hollywood blockbuster Ford v Ferrari.

Its most famous role was in Steve McQueen's 1971 film Le Mans. The movie car sold at auction in 2012 for USD$11 million, making it one of the highest valued American cars ever sold.