FPV has just announced the release of the latest FPV GS sedan and ute, which will, FPV has confirmed, continue on the market as permanent models in the current showroom range. The new version also gets an all-new supercharged engine.
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Sales of the original 2009 FPV GS were higher than FPV expected as the car was launched simply to test if an entry level FPV had market demand. Well, it did. Rod Barrett, FPV General Manager, said in a recent release,

"Last year’s limited-edition GS simply reinforced what we suspected, that there is absolutely a market for an entry-level FPV model. The GS provides our customers with a more affordable entry into the range. It broadens the market for potential FPV purchasers, and at the same time delivers tremendous value."

The new aluminium 32-valve V8 is the first supercharged engine FPV has ever offered, it outputs more power - 315kW over 302kW - but, surprisingly, provides less torque - 545Nm over the previous 551Nm.

Outright torque is not everything though. Something that is much more important is precisely when in the rev range that torque is available. The new supercharged GS engine should be a lot more tractable compared to the existing model with the inclusion of a supercharger, especially lower down in the rev range.

As a by-product, the new FPV should produce less emissions and provide better fuel economy figures as well. FPV's Rod Barrett also said,

"Perhaps the most exciting thing about our new GS is that while it matches the output of our previous Boss 5.4 litre V8, it actually smoothly out performs it in every way.
"It’s faster and it’s more fuel efficient, but perhaps most importantly, the supercharged configuration provides a tremendous ‘drive’ … this is a fun car, and we think it’s going to be enormously successful for us."

The new car can be had in the option of eleven different colours (ten for the ute) and it is available with an automatic transmission as a no-cost option.

Prices start at $56,990 for the sedan and $51,990 for the ute, excluding on-road costs.