This generation of the BMW M5 may be the last chance for fans to get into a purely petrol-powered model... but the next one will be much quicker.
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All variants of BMW’s next-generation M5 sedan model will receive some form of electrification from 2024, a new report out of the UK has claimed.

Car magazine says that from 2024 onwards, the flagship sedan M5 model will only be available with a plug-in hybrid or full-electric powertrain option.

The full-electric variant is claimed to use a 135kWh battery pack hooked up to a 400-volt charging system, with an upgraded 800 volt system in the works – a technology currently only seen on Porsche’s Taycan electric car.

Above: 2021 BMW M5 spied during testing

Utilising three 250kW electric motors – with one fitted to each rear wheel and one driving both of the fronts – power output will be a claimed 750kW, according to internal documents.

Car reports BMW is targeting a driving range of 435 miles (700km), with a 0-100 sprint time of just 2.9 seconds for the all-electric model. (Tesla's upcoming tri-motor 'Plaid' system will reportedly do even better than that.)

According to the report, the plug-in hybrid BMW M5 would share its drivetrain with the still to be announced BMW X8 M SUV, which it claims will produce 559kW and 999Nm.