Cars have been a centrepiece in the gamer world for decades, but some have featured more heavily than others.
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The most popular car brands and models to feature in video games have been revealed in a new study conducted by UK car sales website Carwow.

The study – which analysed thousands of video games featuring cars (whether as the main focus or merely as tools for players to utilise) – ranked popularity based on how many appearances brands and models made across the titles.

Ford placed first for brands with 8707 appearances, Chevrolet took second with 6242, and Toyota came third with 4299 appearances.

Nissan, Honda, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and Ferrari all closed out the top 10.

But which specific models made the most appearances? Keep reading to see the top 10 most-featured cars in video games.

10. Ferrari F50

Above: Image sourced from Carwow

Video game appearances: 83

Despite only 349 of the model ever being produced, the F50 achieved and maintained cult status amongst motoring fans.

9. Ferrari F40

Video game appearances: 84

The predecessor to the F50, the F40 was the last Ferrari model to receive sign-off by the brand's founder, Enzo Ferrari, himself. The F40 was the first production car to mark a 200mph (322km/h) top speed and has been a favourite amongst car enthusiasts ever since.

8. Ford E-Series Ambulance

Above: Image sourced from Carwow

Video game appearances: 86

While not a model we see in Australia – nor one likely to make many people’s shortlist of favourite cars – the Ford E-Series Ambulance has featured heavily in video games as an emergency vehicle.

7. Toyota HiLux

Video game appearances: 88

The Japanese brand's ute is commonplace in Australia and, due to its off-road capabilities, the HiLux is also commonplace in many games featuring unforgiving terrains.

6. Toyota Supra Mark IV

Video game appearances: 91

The Toyota Supra is a ‘90s performance favourite. Its appearances in films such as The Fast and The Furious gave the model cult-status amongst an entire generation of gamers, and the Supra’s tuning and performance potential has seen it feature in many motorsport-based titles.

5. Ferrari Enzo

Above: Image sourced from Carwow

Video game appearances: 119

The third Ferrari to feature in the top 10, the Enzo was built as a tribute to the marque’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. Utilising Formula 1 technology, the model has featured in many racing games as one of the most formidable choices for players.

4. Chevrolet Step Van

Above: Image sourced from Carwow

Video game appearances: 156

Built from 1961 through to 1995, the Step Van is able to traverse video games set across multiple decades. The model’s use as the foundation for S.W.A.T. vehicles in the United States has also seen it appear in many games that involve crime and the law.

3. Ford Crown Victoria

Above: Image sourced from Carwow

Video game appearances: 179

The Crown Victoria placing high should come as no surprise. The model has been the go-to choice for taxis and law-enforcement vehicles in the United States since the early ‘90s.

2. Chevrolet Camaro Mark I

Above: Image sourced from Carwow

Video game appearances: 198

The classic American muscle car comes in second – mirroring the Camaro's real life popularity, with over five million sold.

1. Volkswagen Beetle

Video game appearances: 337

Blowing away the competition, the Volkswagen Beetle takes first in the countdown with 337 appearances. The instantly-recognisable model has featured prominently in film and, evidently, video games.

For a breakdown of the top 50 models and a more in-depth analysis of the study, visit Carwow.