Not being able to see, drive or know the price of the limited run hot-hatch hasn’t stopped buyers from registering their interest.
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Honda Australia has confirmed it has received more than 400 "expressions of interest" for the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition, following Honda UK's announcement that its allocation of just 20 examples of the track-focused hot-hatch have been snapped up.

Unlike the UK, Honda Australia's allocation of the Limited Edition is still unconfirmed as the model is not yet formally on sale here.

Honda Australia also has not indicated how many Civic Type R limited editions might be allocated Down Under, but given that the much larger UK market (which sells about 2.5 million new cars each year versus 1.1 million in Australia) only received 20 vehicles, it's likely the company will maintain the model's exclusivity here too.

"[The Limited Edition] is not officially on sale in Australia," Honda Australia told CarAdvice. "It is therefore not possible to purchase or place an order for the vehicle – or for the vehicle to sell out."

However, while Honda Australia cannot take formal orders for the model, it has set up a page where customers can register their interest.

The Japanese brand claims, to date, it has received "well over 400" registrations of interest in the Limited Edition.

This figure follows Honda UK's recent announcement that its allocation of Limited Edition Honda Civic Type Rs had been exhausted, with buyers snatching up all examples before having seen, driven or even received pricing for the track-focused model.

The UK arm of the Japanese marque was assigned just 20 examples of the limited-edition model, with pricing starting from £39,995 (AU$80,995) for the even hotter version of the Civic Type R hot hatch. Pricing for the Australian model has not been confirmed.

Power remains unchanged from the standard Civic Type R at 228kW and 400Nm, however Honda has made track-oriented tweaks to the body and suspension of the Limited Edition to increase handling potential and reduce weight.

Sound deadening is reduced in the roof, rear hatch, front bumper and dashboard, and modified dampers keep the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2-wrapped 20-inch BBS alloys firmly-planted to the road (or track).

To measure how good a job drivers are doing at keeping all that kit working optimally, Honda has added ‘LogR’ – a software that tracks and analyses driver inputs and makes suggestions to improve driving.

The Civic Type R Limited Edition is expected to arrive in Australia in 2021.