What do you think of this? It's called the Subaru Celeno Sports Sedan Concept and it was designed by an intern artist at Italdesign that goes by the name of Xuacu Pérez Quesada.
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The futuristic, aspirational design even takes some design cues from the BMW EfficientDynamics Concept.

There's no roof, in case you didn't notice, the windscreen just goes all the way back to the rear window. We're not sure how rigid this design would be though as there appears to be no cross-bar bracing the upper left of the car to the right.

Featuring the latest mirror-less trend, the side-mounted cameras/sensors pick up any blind-spot details the driver may want to see. And in this world of thin-as-paper laptops and TVs, they rid the somewhat cumbersome and dated mirror technology leaving the car with a much much sleeker look.

The boot lid is very interesting and a bit of a mystery. Is it covered in blue tinted glass or is it simply painted to match the long roof? The LEDs that run up the rear pillar are also quite interesting and would be great in traffic as motorists could see the driver's brake lights from many angles.

The high waistline gives the car a retro chop-top look whilst also presenting high chunk/solid factor; note the lack of door handles. The wheels are also very beefy and modern, and they don't look unreal like so many other futuristic concept wheels.

The entire car is a design that stems from Subaru's own Hybrid Tourer Concept and taken further into the future. All in all, it's a stunning, clean interpretation with loads of attention to detail.