2008 Dodge Charger saves man from suicide

A man in America attempting to commit suicide yesterday leaped from the top of a 39-story apartment building only to land, rather ironically, on a Dodge.
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The man would have reached terminal velocity (around 210km/h) during the 120 metre free fall but was slowed gradually enough during the impact to survive the suicide attempt. Recent reports from The Sun say the man did break both his legs in the incident though, after smashing through the roof, rear window and boot lid of the Dodge Charger.

One witness said to New York Daily News, "The car saved his life... he landed in there like a stunt man. It was amazing."

Amazing indeed. If not for the man's dignity, Dodge could have made this into one of the most shocking yet enlightening marketing campaigns in history.

Reports say the man remained conscious throughout the rescue and is now in a stable condition. Who would've guessed Dodges could be so soft...

* Image source: The Sun