Ferrari 599 Roadster?

The web is buzzing with news of a roadster version of the V12 powered 599 but the UK’s Car Magazine seems to have the goods on this story, which all started with a letter posted on Luxury4Play.
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Appearing on what looks like stationary from Ferrari North America, the letter thanks an attendee for appearing at a 599 Roadster presentation at Monterey, near Pebble Beach in Southern California.

According to Car Magazine, Ferrari super boss Luca de Montezemolo said “A lot of our clients are saying they want an open, 12-cylinder car with very sporty performance. At Pebble Beach, we will present this car”

If the above letter is bona fide, then this reveal has already happened and we’ll just have to rely on the spy shot lads to get us some quality photos of the car as it drives in and out of it’s Maranello hiding spot.