Ferrari has now officially issued a recall for the Ferrari 458 Italia. It comes after a string of reports were filed involving fires that broke out in the car's engine compartment. Ferrari said it had started an investigation last week, now the company is issuing a recall notice.
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Ferrari reported that the fires could have been caused by an adhesive used to secure an engine heat shield which, under high-temperature circumstances, could ignite causing a fire. There's been a few Ferrari 458 fire reports circulating on the internet but not all of them can blamed as a direct result of the adhesive vulnerability.

Ferrari says it has redesigned the heat shield incorporating metal rivets instead of the adhesive just in case. Although this recall was issued in Europe and America, we contacted Edward Rowe of European Automotive Imports - Australia's Ferrari importer - who couldn't comment at this time.

Overseas, the company has encouraged owners to contact their local dealer to have the new heat shield put in place free of charge. We'll have to wait and see if this affects Australian-delivered vehicles.