The NHTSA in the US is investigating a steering-related problem with the Hyundai Sonata - our Hyundai i45. Although the investigation does only affect American models, the concern could become more widespread.
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Only after being on sale for a few months in America, the Sonata has received various awards and praises from journalists and automotive experts since. The car could now be facing a recall though that could affect 16,300 of the vehicles.

There has been reports of a connection problem within the steering universal joint assembly. If the connection separates a complete loss of steering will result. Hyundai has reported only two incidents where this steering universal joint has caused an issue, but no reports of injuries or accidents has eventuated from this.

Hyundai has reported it will completely cooperate with the NHTSA and its investigation. According to sources, the NHTSA will release the findings in a couple of weeks.