In this day and age, its still okay for car companies to be releasing V6s with a fuel economy of around 12/100km. Why is it okay? Mainly because consumers are still game to pay good money for big V6/V8s. Nonetheless, the V6 market is set for a change with Toyota releasingthe all new Toyota Aurion this November.
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Toyota claims that the new Aurion will produce an enormous 200kW in power whilst having a 9.9L/100km fuel rating. If this is the case, it will put it infront of the Holden Commodore AND the Ford Falcon by leaps and bounds.

Given the 200kW, the Toyota Aurion V6 will be the most powerful naturally aspirated locally-built 6 cylinder vehicle in Australia. If that wasn't enough, Toyota's figures are achieved using regular unleaded petrol, since the figure climbs to 204kW with premium unleaded petrol. Still using just 9.9litres/100km.

Toyota really likes to compare the Aurion with its main competitor, the Holden VE Commodore. Toyota is quick to point out that the recently launched VE Commodore uses over 9% more fuel without achieving the power output of the Aurion.

So how will the Aurion V6 achieve these seemingly contradictory figures?

Its become a fashion statement these days for any car manufacturer that has anything todo with Formula one to use their links to sell their every day cars. Toyota is no different. Toyota claims that the Aurion will boast an F1 inspired, technologically advanced 3.5L quad cam V6 with Dual VVT-i, which elevates power output whilst optimising fuel efficiency.

Also the 6-speed automatic transmission that allows the big V6 to use its power reserves more wisely. And not only that, this 6-speed, sequential-style automatic transmission will be the offered across the entire range. In the past, these transmissions have only been offered in performance or luxury variants of Big Aussie 6s.

Aurion V6 promises to be a true home grown success story having been designed and engineered for Australia’s unique conditions. Build quality will be another standout feature with Aurion V6 being assembled at Toyota’s state of the art Altona plant in Melbourne. Aurion’s unique combination of performance and fuel economy is set to make new standard for the Big Aussie 6 market.

Personally, I have this before, the Toyota Avalon comes to mind. Nonetheless, the Aurion should be a very interesting car. What still amazes me is how many car manufacturers are still hedging their bets on family cars and not concentrating enough on the small/medium segment. Then again, Toyota already leads the medium car segment with the Corolla so the Aurion is simply to take market away from the Commodore.