BMW is loving this whole 'tease' slow-release information and images idea. The company has provided a slow trickle of imagery and info on the upcoming BMW 1 Series M Coupe for the past three months, even BMW's M Division CEO, Kay Segler, got involved. To get us even closer to the edge of our seats though BMW has released yet another glimpse of the desirable sports car.
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Like a lady showing some leg, the new teaser video released by BMW on Friday does a great job of building our anticipation. The car in the video doesn't really show much only the motorsport, BBS-style, multi-spoke wheels which prove the car will be very track-focused; putting function in front of form. The pumped front guards also evident in the video suggest a much wider track underneath compared to an ordinary 1 Series.

Still no word as to what sort of power the engine will displace or any other meaningful figures the car showcases. We'll have to wait until the first-half-of-2011 release comes a bit closer for further details... unless another teaser video is released in the meantime of course.