The guys at GT Channel have managed to snap this ultra-widebody Honda CR-Z in the making. It's unknown if Honda is indeed planning to include a Honda CR-Z into Japan's main grand touring car championship, Super GT (previously called JGTC), where the extravagant bodywork would certainly fit in.
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Although it doesn't seem to be as eco-friendly as its road-going counterpart, obvious by the large V-configured, mid-mounted engine, the widebody design does flow naturally off the original aerodynamic body.

We'd guess that most of the panels would be made from fibre glass, while the doors appear to be carbon fibre, evident by the setting door skins fresh from the high-pressure autoclave.

It would be great to see a field of hybrid touring cars formed into one championship, possibly a thing for the near future. This car would run in the GT300 class, taking little brother position behind the Honda NSX GT500 car.

Testing of the GT300 championship commences in our Spring, before the winter takes hold in Japan and before the 2011 Super GT championship starts in March. Testing of this Honda CR-Z could be spied in the upcoming months so we'll keep you updated, if it is a GT300 racer that is.