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A comprehensive list of refinements to Subaru’s ultra-safe All-Wheel Drive 2007 Liberty range includes the debut of the revolutionary Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) system. The expanded range includes reintroduction of the sporty GT, featuring a new award-winning turbocharged 2.5 litre horizontally opposed boxer engine.

The Model Year 2007 versions will be on sale Friday 8th September. With improved torque, it is now capable of regular running on 95RON fuel. New to the range are Liberty GT spec.B sedans and wagons, offering even greater choice of premium variants.

The SI-Drive system introduced on all turbocharged and 3.0 litre Libertys, offers optimum drivability and power delivery across the operating range, whether seeking a frugal drive, outstanding performance or in day-to-day traffic.

Pricing of some Libertys has decreased as much as 3.8 per cent while entry-level models remain unchanged. On range-topping GT and 3.0R spec.B variants, customers can now take pricing out of the equation on transmission choice – six-speed manual and five-speed Sportshift automatic versions are priced identically.

Sporting an exciting new look, Liberty introduces a wide range of innovations including:

  • * GT spec.B with Bilstein sports suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels and the option of an STI-derived six-speed manual transmission
  • * HID self-levelling high and low-beam Bi-Xenon headlights on Liberty GT and 3.0 litre variants
  • * Telescopic steering wheels for every Liberty
  • * Power driver’s seat with dual memory function and dual zone air conditioning for range-topping Libertys
  • * Steering column Sportshift paddle controls on automatic Liberty GT and 3.0 litre versions, plus steering wheel audio, cruise, Information and SI-Drive controls.
  • * Interior refinements across the range
  • * Six-stacker in-dash CD players across the range – MP3 and WMA compatible
  • * Brake Assist for naturally aspirated 2.0 and 2.5 litre Libertys

All new Libertys retain their outstanding independent five star crashworthiness rating for occupant safety, from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Nick Senior, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said:

“This is our most comprehensive Liberty range ever. We are delighted to reintroduce Liberty GT with a bigger, and more refined award-winning engine and also add the option of a spec.B version, which has proved such a success in 3.0 litre guise.

“SI-Drive is a fantastic Subaru initiative that enables our customers to get the very best out of their driving, right across the operating range. It’s like having the advantage of three engines in one.

“Once again, engineers from Fuji Heavy Industries spent many days testing all this new technology in a variety of Australian conditions, ensuring suitability for our market.”

He added:

“We have a great pricing story too – there is no change on entry level models, while pricing is reduced by up to 3.8 per cent on 2.5i variants.

“With both GT and 3.0R spec. B variants, we’ve simplified pricing by making the manual and Sportshift automatic versions the same price, so customers can choose purely on the basis of transmission preference.

“There’s also a much more linear progression through pricing of the entire range, bringing aspirational models within reach of customers who may have previously found the margin too great.”

Subaru Intelligent Drive

Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) is introduced on turbocharged and 3.0 litre Libertys, offering three different driving experiences in the same car.

Drivers have the option to refine performance to suit their preferences.

SI-Drive can optimize fuel efficiency and ride comfort in stop-start city traffic, produce a lively response in flowing freeway or town traffic, or a rapid sporty drive on the open road.

It features three modes, each of which is clearly displayed on the instrument panel:

Intelligent mode ensures gentle, smooth power output. It may contribute to greater economy in congested city driving at low to mid-speed, when teamed with a smooth driving style, or cruising on the freeway. Ideal for those searching for ride comfort and frugal fuel figures.

Sport mode optimizes performance on city and highway drives. Good for routine, day-to-day driving.

Sport # mode boosts engine revolutions for sharp, sporty driving (cannot be used while the engine is cold). Provides dynamic performance for true driving enthusiasts through highly responsive engine and throttle control.

SI-Drive regulates the engine and transmission control units, and fine-tunes the electronic throttle control.

The control button is installed on the centre console. By pushing the dial, Intelligent mode is set. Sport mode is activated by turning the dial left and Sport # mode by turning it right.

There is also a steering wheel button to activate Sport # mode.

The modes can be changed while the car is moving.

The instrument panel includes an SI-Drive Multi-Function Display (MFD).

This communicates vehicle behaviour in the different modes. It includes an Eco gauge and Shift-up indicator (manual-only).

The needle of the Eco gauge stays in the green zone when fuel consumption is low, for the benefit of economy-minded drivers. Higher fuel consumption is indicated by the needle heading into the yellow zone.

The MFD shows comprehensive information about the power characteristics of the chosen mode via a simplified torque curve.

The Shift-up indicator, located in the tachometer on manual transmission models, uses a blinking indicator to advise the driver to change up a gear and save fuel when engine revolutions reach a certain level.

Internal testing by Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru vehicles, indicates a vehicle driven in Intelligent mode can record up to 10 per cent more range.


Liberty’s dashboard, centre console and steering wheel are revised to produce an integrated and wholly contemporary look.

Instrument clusters of turbocharged and 3.0 litre variants feature a vast array of information in the multi-function display, including SI-Drive visuals, odometer, time, range, outside temperature, fuel consumption and open door warnings.

Attention to detail includes speedometer increments changed from five to two kilometres, for easier visual recognition.

All Libertys have steering wheel mounted cruise control buttons.

Turbocharged and 3.0 litre variants add steering wheel audio and SI-Drive Sport # mode controls, plus an “Information call-up” or I button. This can switch between six different information screens, using adjoining up or down arrow buttons to display:

* Odometer and trip meter
* Actual and average fuel consumption
* Outside temperature and continuous running time
* Drivable distance until refuel
* Current time (if vehicle is SatNav equipped)
* SI-Drive screen with graph

If a warning screen is displayed, drivers press the I button to identify the nature of the warning, such as door open or low temperature.

Automatic transmission GT and 3.0 litre models also gain Sportshift steering column “paddles” plus illuminated centre console cup holders.

Telescopic steering wheels, with 40 millimetres of travel, are new to every Liberty.

Turbocharged, 2.5i Premium and 3.0 litre Libertys also get power driver’s seats with dual memory function and rear window tint (side and back). GTs and 3.0R variants add dual zone air conditioning.

3.0 litre variants also get rear seat ventilation and dual cup holders in the rear centre armrest.

The premium McIntosh audio system shared by turbocharged and 3.0 litre Libertys is further enhanced with the addition of a 70 mm dashboard centre speaker, taking the speaker count to 14.

Audio systems in 2.0 and 2.5 litre Libertys get a new matt-finish facia, while all Libertys now offer six-stack in-dash CD players with MP3 and WMA compatibility.

The gearshift surround features a new circular design, while ashtrays are eliminated from all Libertys in line with customer feedback.

Cloth and leather trim patterns are revised in line with Liberty’s refined appearance.


Liberty features a variety of exterior refinements that highlight its contemporary appearance.

Grilles, front guards, bumpers, light clusters and fog light surrounds all have new lines while distinctive new design alloy wheel patterns are introduced across the range.

State-of-the art High Intensity Discharge (HID) self-levelling headlights are introduced on all turbocharged and 3.0 litre Libertys, featuring both high and low beam Bi-Xenon.

Wing mirror design is refined to further reduce wind resistance and enhance visibility of the in-built indicator.

New colours to the range are:

* Newport blue pearl
* Satin white pearl
* Diamond grey metallic


Liberty GT’s new award-winning 2.5 litre turbocharged engine produces 184 Kilowatts of power at 6000 rpm in both manual and automatic variants. It offers the advantage of being able to run on cheaper 95RON fuel.

Torque is improved to 339 Newtonmetres at 3600 rpm.

Power of automatic transmission Liberty GT is up 4 kW, while manual versions are down 6 kW. This is due to the car’s ability to use lower grade fuel and also meet Australian emission requirements.

The engine recently won the 2.0 to 2.5-litre class of the International Engine of the Year Awards at the Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.

It is also used in the Impreza WRX and Forester XT.

Liberty 3.0R and 3.0R spec.B feature Subaru’s Active Valve Control System (AVCS) and Variable Valve Lift, ensuring optimum power and torque output, fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions.

3.0 litre Liberty’s torque is improved at low revolutions, for refined pulling power. Torque is up 4.0 per cent between 1200 and 1600 rpm and up 3.0 per cent between 2000 and 2800 rpm.

Emissions are improved on 3.0 litre engines through changes to the camshaft profile, aiding combustion efficiency.


Liberty GT spec.B offers the choice of the renowned six-speed STI-derived manual gearbox originally introduced in the 3.0R spec.B.

The constant mesh transmission is a development of that used in the Impreza WRX STI.

It is completely designed and manufactured by Subaru and features double synchronizer mechanisms on first, third and reverse gears, while second gear is equipped with a triple synchronizer mechanism.

The synchronizers provide consistent, smooth gearshift performance.

The transmission has large gears and bearings for added strength, while a positive lubrication system increases durability, using a vehicle speed-driven oil pump.

The transmission features Subaru’s well-known centre differential with viscous coupling, used on all its manual transmission vehicles, to provide 50:50 front and rear torque split to the All-Wheel Drive system.

There are two groups of gear ratios. First to fourth are close ratio for instant and efficient power delivery at low speeds.

Fifth and sixth gears are wider ratio for improved fuel consumption while cruising and reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) at high speeds.

Transmission casing and internal components are also designed to reduce NVH.

Clutch operation is optimized to produce a light feel.

An innovative aspect of the design is integration of the Electronic Throttle Control system with clutch actuation, reducing the likelihood of stall.

GT spec.B also has strengthened front and rear differentials. The premium Torsen rear limited slip differential (LSD) enhances driving performance.

In automatic transmission 3.0 litre and 2.5 litre turbocharged Libertys, smoother downshift is achieved by the introduction of “blipping” control. This optimizes engine and transmission synchronization.

For reduced NVH, manual GT spec.B and all 2.0 litre transmission tunnels have added insulation.


Fuji Heavy Industries engineers undertook extensive local testing to produce optimum suspension set-up for the GT spec.B.

It features Bilstein suspension in line with its sports credentials.

This offers enhanced lateral rigidity and suspension performance to match the car’s weight distribution.


All MY07 Libertys maintain an outstanding independent five-star ANCAP crashworthiness rating for occupant safety.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive ensures stability and grip in all conditions.

Liberty 2.0R and 2.5i variants introduce Brake Assist. The ECU detects panic braking and automatically applies optimum force by assisting driver operation in a linear fashion, in minimal time.

Body rigidity on all Libertys is enhanced by the addition of a reinforced engine bay strut tower, a larger firewall corner panel and reinforcement of the sill at the A-pillar base. These measures also reduce NVH.


All Libertys are equipped with the latest advanced engine immobilisers and DataDot theft protection.

For added security, all models have only one barrel lock, located in the driver’s door.

Sedans have remote boot release and wagons have remote tailgate unlocking.

Liberty MY07 pricing

These are retail recommended prices and do not include dealer and statutory charges.

  • Liberty 2.0R manual sedan 31,990 (No change from MY06)
  • Liberty 2.0R automatic sedan $33,990 (No change)
  • Liberty 2.0R manual wagon $33,990 (No change)
  • Liberty 2.0R automatic wagon $35,990 (No change)
  • Liberty 2.5I manual sedan* $34,990 (previously $35,990, -2.7 %)
  • Liberty 2.5I automatic sedan* $36,990 (previously $38,490, -3.8 %)
  • Liberty 2.5I manual wagon* $36,990 (previously $37,990, -2.7 %)
  • Liberty 2.5I automatic wagon* $38,990 (previously $40,490, -3.7 %)
  • *Formerly known as 2.5i Safety Pack
  • Liberty 2.5i Premium automatic sedan $41,490 (previously $42,990, -3.5 %)
  • Liberty 2.5i Premium automatic wagon $43,490 (previously $44,990, -3.3 %) Liberty 3.0R automatic sedan $50,990 (No change)
  • Liberty 3.0R automatic wagon $52,990 (No change)
  • Liberty 3.0R spec.B manual sedan $52,490 (previously $51,990, +0.96 %)
  • Liberty 3.0R spec.B automatic sedan $52,490 (previously $50,990, +2.94 %)
  • Liberty 3.0R spec.B manual wagon $54,490 (previously $53,990, +0.92 %)
  • Liberty 3.0R spec.B automatic wagon $54,490 (previously $52,990, +2.83 %)
  • Liberty GT automatic sedan – VDC $54,490 (Model not available in MY06)
  • Liberty GT automatic wagon – VDC $56,490 (Model not available in MY06)
  • Liberty GT automatic sedan – SatNav $56,980 (Model not available in MY06)
  • Liberty GT automatic wagon – SatNav $58,980 (Model not available in MY06)
  • Liberty GT spec.B manual sedan $55,990 (Model not previously available)
  • Liberty GT spec.B automatic sedan $55,990 (Model not previously available)
  • Liberty GT spec.B manual wagon $57,990 (Model not previously available)
  • Liberty GT spec.B automatic wagon $57,990 (Model not previously available)


  • Satellite navigation (2.5i Premium, GT spec.B, 3.0R) $2990
  • VDC and SatNav (3.0R spec.B) $3490