Volkswagen wants to buy Alfa Romeo

According to recent reports, Volkswagen has set aside $22.3 billion to purchase 'a car company' so it will remain on track with its 2018 plans of becoming world's largest automotive company.
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Volkswagen has offered a bid to purchase Alfa Romeo from Chrysler and Fiat, although a high-ranking Fiat group insider has said the company has no intentions of selling Alfa, and especially not to the Germans.

Toyota is currently the world's largest car company, while poor-old Volkswagen has to make do with second spot. The recent penchant for Italian suggests if Volkswagen bought Alfa Romeo from Fiat and Chrysler, they would in fact be the world's largest car company.

Alfa Romeo is currently aiming to sell around half a million cars per year in the near future. If those numbers are achieved with Volkswagen backing the Italian marque, Volkswagen could indeed tip ahead of Toyota.