NSW to crush hoons' cars

NSW Premier Morris Iemma plans to introduce legislation whereby hoons’ cars will be destroyed in controlled destructive tests. The video footage will then shown to the perpetrator in what is hoped will curb what he cites as “potentially lethal, property-destroying, anti-social behaviour".
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"The modified, loud and often illegal vehicles confiscated from car hoons will be smashed to pieces in our crash labs, the results filmed and analysed, and the wrecks shown to other young drivers as a warning," Mr Iemma said.

"The RTA [Roads and Traffic Authority] will also use the unique tests to investigate the potential effects of certain modifications on overall crashworthiness and we'll show the wrecks at education days for young drivers, or at other RTA presentations," he added.

Police Minister David Campbell has added that the footage will also be publicly aired to deter would be offenders from participating in hoon behaviour.

"Video footage of these once-prized possessions being turned into splintered, twisted scrap will be the clearest message yet to hoons that we're serious about stamping out their behaviour and saving lives in the process."

Four cars were confiscated over the weekend in suburban Sydney for alleged street racing. The more sensible among us would suggest that perhaps more initiative need be focused on organised off-street racing such as Drag Safe.

CarAdvice would be interested in your opinions on this issue. Do you feel the proposed legislation would solve the hoon issue or should the Government invest more heavily in driver education and organised off-street events?

Source: AAP