Electric sedan will include, at least in overseas markets, an Apple Music subscription and three years of free on-the-road internet connectivity.
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The teaser program for the Porsche Taycan continues to march on, with company releasing a picture of the car's dashboard, and revealing details about its infotainment package.

From this latest photo we can see the Taycan's dashboard is heavily influenced by the 911, a fact the company has referenced by setting the time on its various clocks to 9:11.

Ahead of the driver is a digital instrumentation screen. Alongside this is a black panel with capacitive buttons to adjust the ride height, suspension setup and stability control system.

In the centre of the dashboard there's the timer typically included as part of the Sport Chrono package. Below this is a wide-format touchscreen display.

The Taycan's infotainment comes with built-in support for the Apple Music streaming service, and includes integration with the car's voice recognition system, Porsche-curated playlists, and the ability to make your own station from music you hear on free-to-air radio.

Porsche is also including, at least in overseas markets, three years of free in-car mobile internet connectivity, and a subscription up to six months long for Apple Music.

Among the Taycan's many options will be a Burmeister High-End Surround Sound System.


The Taycan will be unveiled in September with deliveries for North American and European buyers set to begin late this year. The Taycan will hit these shores some time in 2020.