Ford Focus RS - boosted by BBR. - GTi

While it’s fair to say that Germany has more performance tuning houses than the entire world over, when it comes to the genuine ‘hot hatch’ game, the U.K. pretty much rules.
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Here’s me, thinking that Ford’s new hard core 300 bhp (223kW) Focus RS has all the grunt you’ll ever need for the street legal scene, when British tuner BBR, comes out with ‘Phase One, Two, Three, and Four Power upgrades for the RS.

After almost two years of meticulous testing and development work, BBR is more than confident that no other Ford tuner around the world, will be able to provide such a complete range of performance conversions, which have been properly road, track, and dyno tested so as to offer the best possible driving experience.

If I were going down this route, I’d probably go all four Phases, which means 404 HP (301 kW) and 552 Nm of torque. Those are big numbers for a small car, but you can bank on true supercar performance for the Ford Focus RS Mk2.

In the U.K. the Phase Four upgrade will cost you £3895.00 and installation of all the performance kit can take a full day.

At the heart of this package is the BBR developed high-flow motorsport turbocharger, which replaces the factory spec RS unit. This of course, also requires a high flow fuel pump, as the flow required exceeds that of the standard spec Ford item.

“The BBR Hybrid Turbocharger is a fully overhailed unit, with extensive mofidifications including; All bearings and seals replaced, a CNC re-profiled compressor cover, a billet motorsport 360 degree thrust bearing and thrust washers, a billet larger diameter inlet compressor wheel, central core rotational housing balanced to motorsport spec, ported and flowed compressor cover, turbine housing and wastegate valve.”

Phase Four builds on all three previous phases from Phase One, including an ECU remap, using BBR’s StarChip software, which is said to deliver a dramatically more linear throttle response and boost map.

That improvement also extends to mid-range power and torque but with no visible mechanical changes to the car.

Initial testing found that the original Ford air intake hose was distorting under full load, and has therefore been replaced with a silicone induction hose.

Phase Two of the BBR program sees a new high-flow intercooler, and all inlet air box hoses are replaced with high flow silicon versions.

In addition, there is another software remap to get the maximum power from the standard RS fuel system, but without any increase in inlet temperature or air-fuel-ratio. Even the stock paper air filter is replaced with a motorsport unit.

Phase Three adds “A BBR spec Turbo back high flow exhaust with sports cat – a complete system including sports catalyst, highest quality aircraft grade stainless steel finished with Twin 4” tail pipes that sit perfectly within the Focus RS Mk2’s original bumper aperture.”

BBR high flow fuel injectors replace the original Ford parts, but with a special calibration, which is optimised for the increased power level.

BBR Focus RS Phase One Power: 342 HP (255 kW) @ 6150RPM

BBR Focus RS Phase One Torque: 369ft/lbs (499 Nm) @ 3350RPM

Price: £595.00 – 2 hours labour

BBR Focus RS Phase Two Power: 355 HP (264 kW) @ 6580RPM

BBR Focus RS Phase Two Torque: 378ft/lbs (511 Nm) @ 3000-4600RPM

Price: £1245.00 plus £195.00 fitting charge over 5 hours

BBR Focus RS Phase Three Power: 382 HP (285 kW) @ 6080 RPM

BBR Focus RS Phase Three Torque: 388 ft/lbs (525 Nm) @ 3000-4650RPM

Price: £2495.00 plus £345.00 fitting charge over 6-8 hours