A recent Bloomberg article has reported Lamborghini's thoughts on putting the Lamborghini Estoque Concept four-door sedan into production.
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Our recent report outlining the slump in Lamborghini sales in the past year proves the company does need a boost. The four-door Estoque may just be the car to do the trick. Stephan Winkelmann, the German-born CEO of Lamborghini, said recently, “A four- door car would be a very feasible approach.”

As the company only offers two cars in its entire line up, the addition of a four-door sedan might expand the company into other markets too. And it would be a great rival to the recent Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera releases. Punters are saying the Estoque would provide Lamborghini with something new and exciting. Stephan Winkelmann also said recently, “A third model would fit Lamborghini very well,” but suggested the new car would have to provide "a real leap" in overall sales for it to pay off.

No official plans or dates were mentioned but we'll be following this one closely and give you any updates we come across.