The new Corvette's tail has been snapped on the factory floor, revealing some of the Camaro-inspired details that'll dominate the design.
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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has been snapped on the factory floor, revealing its angular new rear end treatment.

A photo posted on Corvette Forum shows the car's angular tail-lights and rear diffuser design, along with the large 'vents' flanking the number plate mount.

Whether they're functional or not remains to be seen, of course, but the car's mid-engined powertrain could necessitate extra cooling at the rear. Stay tuned.

How do we know it's mid-engined? Well for one, spy photos have revealed the car's proportions are decidedly mid-engined... but looking at these images, there are more hints.

Where previous Corvettes have had rear windscreens that end essentially at the rear spoiler, this one appears to have a much longer rear deck and a cabin that's much further forward on the body.

The tail-lights and exhaust detailing both feature similar graphics to those of the Camaro, although the car could have its own distinct feel when viewed as a whole.

The rumour mill is turning relentlessly in the USA, given the hype surrounding anything Corvette-related.

Car and Driver has reported the base C8 Stingray will be powered by a 373kW version of the existing 6.2-litre V8 engine, hooked up to an automatic transmission. It appears the manual may be dead.

The car will be revealed in full on July 18.