2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 details

Land Rover has released details of the upcoming 2011 Land Rover Freelander 2. The updated model will feature two new 2.2-litre turbo diesel engines, a modern redesign of the exterior and a classier interior with new instruments and dials.
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The first of the two diesel variants is available in the TD4 model, offering 110kW and 420Nm of torque. Although the existing model boasts 118kW of power, the new model does provide 20 more Newton metres of torque. The new engine is also said to receive extra sump insulation which supposedly deadens typical diesel rattles and knocks. Land Rover says the engine will be compatible with 10 percent biodiesel fuels, too, rather than the usual five percent.

The next up in the range is the SD4. The engine is a retuned version of the TD4 engine and is essentially the same except it displaces 140kW of power rather than the 110kW. The other main difference is the standard six-speed automatic transmission; the TD4 model comes with a revised six-speed manual using Stop/Start technology.

Both diesel engines are said to showcase better fuel economy figures along with reduced CO2 emissions; 174g/km for the TD4 and 185g/km for the SD4. The manual TD4 is also capable of achieving 6.6L/100km, an improvement of 1L/100km over the existing model.

At the top end of the range there's the 3.2-litre straight six engine. The engine has been revised and now passes EU5 emission regulations rather than the existing car's EU4 emissions. Output figures of 171kW and 317Nm of torque remain unchanged.

The 2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 is scheduled to go on sale in Australia in December. Expect more details and images of the new model and its interior as the release date approaches. Prices are also yet to be confirmed.