In a recent report by Engineers Australia, NSW was noted as having the some of the poorest roads in the country. Marked on a scale similar to school markings, the NSW sector of roads on the national report card scrapped in with a measly D+ - in the 'state roads' and 'local roads' section.
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NSW only earned a C- overall for it roads too, which was on par with South Australia and Tasmania's score. Victoria received a C+ overall and a C- for local roads. The highest marked roads in the country were those found in the nation's capital territory - the ACT - with a mark of B overall. Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory are yet to be marked, so once their scores have been finalised, there could be further changes.

Interestingly, NSW received a very low mark for its public rail services too and received a D-. Victoria received a D for its rail services while SA received a C. ACT and TAS received an F due to... lack of such facilities.

Ian Pedersen, Chair of the Engineers Australia NSW infrastructure report card committee, said in a press release on Tuesday,

“There remains a lack of strategic planning, coordination and integration and a commitment to existing plans and, with population growth driving further demands, the public and private sectors will need to invest a significant amount of money to bring NSW’s infrastructure up to a reasonable standard.”

It's really does make you wonder where all the money is going. With traffic fine prices constantly on the rise and stricter police patrols and campaigns, all happy to enforce and press upon more and more infringements, when do we finally see the outcome of the revenue?

We can't use public transport to get to work - because it's shoddy - and we can't drive to work - because we'll either never get there or our cars will fall apart along the way - so what are we meant to do?