Despite the addition of a new charge by prosecutors, the Tokyo District Court has granted the former Nissan and Renault CEO bail.
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Late last week Carlos Ghosn walked out of the Tokyo Detention Centre again after posting ¥500 million ($6.3 million) in bail.

Unlike his first release from jail, when he donned a construction worker's outfit as disguise, Ghosn left jail this time in a plain white button-up shirt with a dark blue jacket.

The court imposed a new condition on his freedom, requiring Ghosn to seek permission before he meets or communicates with his wife Carole.

His movements and communications will also be closely monitored by authorities.

In statement to Reuters and other news services, Ghosn said: “Restricting communications and contact between my wife and me is cruel and unnecessary. We love each other very much, she answered all of the prosecutors’ questions in court, and she has done nothing wrong.”

When Ghosn was re-arrested April 4, authorities confiscated a phone and other items belonging to Carole Ghosn. She returned to Paris shortly afterwards to lobby the French government to help secure her husband's release from prison.

Just prior to his release from prison, authorities charged Ghosn with syphoning around $7 million in money from a Nissan subsidiary via an overseas dealership to a bank account he controlled.

Typically the addition of a new charge is enough to allow authorities to detain the accused for another 21 days. As with all his previous charges, Ghosn says he is innocent.

Ghosn spent in 108 days in prison after his initial arrest on November 19, 2018. He was granted bail for ¥1 billion ($12.5 million), but prevented from leaving the country and contacting individuals involved in his case.