The next-generation luxury roadster will take a sportier bent, thanks to the input of the boffins at Mercedes-AMG. It'll share a platform with the next-generation GT.
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Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has confirmed a next-generation SL is in the works, and it'll be more focused on dynamics than the big, heavy current model.

The boss confirmed the "historic DNA of the SL" will be a focus during development in an interview with Autocar.

"It's far sportier," Moers said of the car, which will remain roadster-only. This is the first time AMG has headed up SL development.

"It will have a perfect compromise between driving dynamics and comfort because it’s still kind of a cruiser too.”

Under the skin is expected to sit a variation of the platform being prepared for the second-generation AMG GT, dubbed Modular Sports Architecture (MSA).

By putting the two models on a shared architecture, Mercedes-Benz will increase the economies of scale and profitability of the two cars.

"Handing over SL to AMG as the performance and sports car brand is great," Moers said. "There’s lots of responsibility behind that, and I’m really honoured.”

When it lobs in 2021, the new drop-top is expected to run with a fabric roof. That should help save weight, and follows the path taken by the E-Class and S-Class convertibles.