Ferrari 458 Italia catches fire

It seems it's not only Lamborghini that suffers from bouts of spontaneous combustion, other Italian supercars also like heating up. Seen here in the streets of Paris, this Ferrari 458 Italia is one hot supercar.
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Recently reported by Autogespot, the owner was said to have noticed smoke coming into the cabin whilst driving. He then jumped from the car to see where the smoke was coming from and was surprised by the sight of big flames coming out from under the 458's engine compartment.

A passerby 'happened' to have a fire extinguisher on the ready and gained control of the fire.

Although the incident did leave a very nasty hole in the 458's hip, the owner is lucky the fire didn't engulf the entire car, like recent Lamborghini incidents.

It's unknown as to what caused the fire in the first place, we'll have to wait and see if this turns into an ongoing problem for the marque.