It may feature a new platform, but the design will be immediately familiar to all and sundry.
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The second-generation Nissan Juke has been spied again, this time sporting significantly less disguise than a week ago.

Nissan has decided to ditch most of the false body panels attached to last week's development vehicle.

The new Juke features the same silhouette as the car currently in Nissan showrooms across the world. The second-generation model retains the split headlight setup and hidden rear door handles.

Unlike today's car, the strip of driving lights is a lot thinner, and it's placed a lot closer to the round main set. The other significant change at the front is adoption of the company's latest V-motion grille design.

Along the sides the most obvious development is the move to flag post-style wing mirrors, and the smoother body surfaces.

At the rear, the hockey-stick shape of the current tail-lights has been dumped in favour of a design similar to the one found on the latest Micra.

The second-generation Juke utilises the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi CMF-B platform, which is also found underneath latest Renault Clio.

Most models in the range will feature petrol and diesel engines, but an electrified drivetrain is expected at some point in the car's lifecycle.