Ferrari Purosangue still on track for 2022 showroom arrival, just don’t call it an SUV.
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Last in, best dressed? Ferrari says its first-ever SUV will be the world’s best even though it will be among the last to join the party.

In an interview with international media at this week’s Geneva motor show, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said, “We announced that it would be launched in 2022, that hasn’t changed”.

When asked if it might arrive too late to take full advantage of the global SUV boom, Mr Camilleri replied: “I’m not concerned about being too late. I’m more concerned about being the best. And I’m quite confident that we will be. Sometimes you have to take time to get the best thing.”

During the briefing Ferrari did not refer to it as an SUV, but conceded some customers have reservations about the iconic Italian sports-car brand making the leap.

“There has been some skepticism of the marriage of Ferrari with the Purosangue. And we’re very confident what will eventually come out will be quite spectacular and in-keeping with our DNA.”

While the Purosangue will be a global model, Ferrari indicated China would be one of its biggest markets.

“We have a strong portfolio in China of people willing to wait to get a Ferrari,” he said. “The Purosangue, we believe, is something that will be very successful in this part of the world.”

Ferrari has already confirmed the Purosangue will be sold in Australia, but price and technical details are years away from being released.

The Ferrari Purosangue will join other super-super-luxury SUVs from Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, but promises performance beyond their current realm, the company says.

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