Lexus 'Sole of UX' revealed in New York

Lexus has teamed up with a fashion designer to create a new set of shoes for its compact crossover, with a look inspired by the Nike AF1.
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Lexus USA has unveiled a new collaboration with John Elliott, fashion designer, to create a set of custom tyres for the brand's new UX compact crossover. Seriously.

Tie-ups between the world of fashion and motoring are nothing new, but that doesn't mean the UX's pair of shoes is any less amusing.

They're inspired by a set of Nike AF1 sneakers, with design traits like the iconic Nike tick, a finish that mimics the pebbled leather of the AF1s, and embossing designed to match the sole of Nike's famous shoe.

White walls might not be a 'thing' anymore, but the 18-inch wheels on the UX are wrapped in white walls, treads and laces, for a suitably white-on-white look. It's called fashion, kids, look it up.

The car and its tyres were revealed at New York Fashion Week, and is designed to tie in with Lexus' claim the UX is for the "modern urban explorer".

"We were excited to merge the streetwear narrative and design cues of our Air Force 1 with a brand like Lexus," said John Elliott.

"It’s fun to partner with brands that typically live outside the fashion community because it allows us to evolve and continue to push our own boundaries."