Again, it seems, Toyota is facing production issues with signals of another recall. This time with its luxury car arm, Lexus. The problem is associated to a fuel leak issue which came about during recent crash testing.
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The procedures conducted were rear-end hits which were in close proximity to the fuel tank, causing a leak to occur. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the leak exceeded the maximum allowable in the rear-end crash test, and could pose a threat as a potential fire hazard in real world situations.

Toyota says it had no troubles during independent testing and is yet to identify a solution to the problem. The company now has plans to issue a recall for around 17,000 of the 2010-specific HS 250h models affected with the compliance issue. Toyota/Lexus has also halted all sales of the 2010 HS 250h until further notice.

Although the models aren't available in Australia, it's a shame to see Toyota still dealing with issues after settling over 10 million Prius and Corolla accelerator and brake pedal recalls.