Unnamed model widely believed to be the new-generation Chevrolet crossover.
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A vehicle we believe is the next-generation Chevrolet Trax was briefly teased during General Motors' financial presentation for 2019.

Although the automaker didn't name the crossover, it does look to be significantly smaller than the Equinox and has many styling cues from the recently-revealed Blazer, especially its surfacing, side treatment and grille design.

The first-generation Trax went into production in 2012 and is due to be replaced in the near future. Prototypes spotted last year indicate the new car will be a little bit larger than today's vehicle.

Expected to ride on one of the company's new Vehicle Set Strategy (VSS) architectures, the Chevrolet Trax will have two siblings: the Buick Encore and a GMC version. With Opel and Vauxhall now part of the PSA Group, the next-generation Mokka X will not be a rebadged Buick Encore.

The current Holden Trax (above) is essentially a version of the Chevrolet Trax, but with a different badges and right-hand drive.

It's not known if Holden will replace existing Trax with the next-generation Chevrolet. It's possible the Australian brand could put its badge on the Buick or GMC versions instead.

The company's range is presently populated with models based on Opel, Chevrolet and GMC designs.