Audi RS4 2018 avant quattro


The CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018, Mike Stevens: Audi RS4 Avant

I don't understand why people aren't buying more wagons.

Alright, I do understand it. It's my job, after all, to know how the market works and what draws people to the latest trends. What I mean, is: if you've bought a passenger car and it isn't a wagon, you've made the wrong choice. ("Flame suit on", "Come at me bro", "Don't @ me", et cetera.)

Wagons have come a long way since the big boxes of decades past, even though more than a few oldies were desirable in their own right. Nowadays, most come wearing a look often described (and badged) as a 'sport wagon', with a tapered glasshouse and a sloping D-pillar. They can look a little daggy in low-spec form, riding high on small wheels – but then so do most base-model sedans and SUVs.

So, look at something like a mid- or high-spec Mazda 6 wagon, or Mondeo wagon, or C-Class wagon, 3 Series wagon, the A4 wagon, or...

This, the monstrous 2018 Audi RS4 Avant. My pick of 2018.

I'm a simple man, and my reasoning is simpler still: it's a mean wagon. It may no longer be blessed with a V8, but I'm not one to dwell on the relatively recent past. After all, the first generation was a V6. Regardless, this thing is just straight-up mean, turning heads everywhere and more than quick enough to live up to its looks.

It's a family hauler that truly hauls arse, in a straight line and through corners alike, and it does it in all conditions. No other luxury wagon outside the Audi stable can claim that in quite so angry a fashion. While I do dig the C63 Estate, I reckon it just isn't quite the headturner that this baddie clearly is.

That famed Audi attention to detail in the cabin is clear here too, with quilted seats and contrast stitching throughout. It's also a hundred-grand more affordable than the big daddy RS6 Avant, but looks just as mean and still comfortably fits the family and all our gear.

There's no denying the A4 family is due for an update, with infotainment and tech now feeling notably behind the newer models Audi has been rolling out in 2018... but ultimately, you won't buy this RS4 Avant for its infotainment.

You'll buy it for the looks, the power, the practicality, and, yes, even for that twin-turbo V6 sound.

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